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May 1, 2021 by Bear

Apologies for the delay in update. Was finishing out the semester. Still have some stuff to do for it, but not too much. I crossed the 10 smallest things off my TODO list off for Odyssey, mostly small bugs and map editor tweaks. It has never been faster or easier to make an Odyssey map. The map editor has a bunch of hotkeys and "automagic" functionality now. The placement of wall attributes is now a very rare thing, and most of the map is now placed in the ground and Mid layers. This gives our content builders time to tailor maps and give them nice polish, as well as to work on other things. A monster's built-in light now fades away along with its name after death instead of lingering until respawn. More updates to come soon as I am about to implement locks and keys to the really cool animated doors that the game already has. These will be the first usable item, then I will move on to making the swords and armors and all those function as specified. Then a system for relics, then NPC trading , and lastly different blood types for different monsters are planned for this week. The second week of may, the plan is to put in stat building and Sound and all sound related mechanics, including monster-specific foot step/death/attack sounds. Players footsteps sounds and the default monster footstep sound will be based on the terrain being walked on. Since all of our floors ar neatly organized into categorized sheets, this is very easy to do. That is all for now, expect rapid updates all Month culiminating in the launch of a playable Alpha June 1st.

April 23, 2021 by Bear

Hello! I have been realizing the limitations of the engine in the browser and have spent the past few days optimizing lots of the game. Many particle effects were redone to use less and larger particles. A massive texture atlas for all of the game's assets were created, the rain was simplified to a static animation, and the map data size was reduced to a small fraction of its size before thanks to TEttinger's BlazingChain library, which compresses string data into UTF-16 strings. I have been adding various other fixes and polish, including the elimination of the black map borders. Now there is a buffer area that can't actually be visited at the edge of every map. Soon this will be replaced with a preview of the next map!

April 20, 2021 by Bear

Hello! Lots to report. The new HUD with HP E Mana and EXP is done! It looks great and works great. I am considering flipping it upside down to fit the UI better. I have also implemented weather effects (rain/fog) as well as the Blood particle engine that lets monsters and players bleed and have more visually interesting deaths. Custom monster light colors were also added. The map size was changed to 64x64 since 48x48 barely scrolled at all. The player now also goes much closer to the edge of the screen, leaving 3 tiles of buffer (mostly for UI elements to have room). Next I am going to begin making items actually give the benefits they are supposed to, as well as add MapSound Attributes for mappers to have access to ambient sounds in their design. There will also be a Window attribute featuring a new light type, ConeLight, and playing ambient rain sounds indoors when its raining that gets louder near windows. That's all for now, good night!

April 18, 2021 by Bear

Sorry for the delay in updates. So much has been improved and implemented. The GUI impelmentation continues on. Items can now be picked up with the cursor and dragged around screen to equip, drop, etc. Ultimately there will be more destinations for dragged items (player trade screen, NPC screen, auction, etc). I have added extensive updates to the map editor to facilitate speedy map editing, such as auto-grass variation mode and re-implemented the auto-waller to the browser version of the game. Most of the rest of the changes were in securing the backend, but among the most recent changes are the ability to set Monsters friendly, maps friendly/pk, and maps indoors and ambient light level. I also have been working on a new GUI HUD window, with 2 orbs full of liquid for HP/Mana and 2 horizontal bars for Stamina/EXP.

April 15, 2021 by Bear

The old ugly GUI has been stripped out of all visible screens. Well, all screens visible to players anyway. A new shiny one has taken its place, and 3 cursors too. A pointer gauntler, gauntlet with open hand (meaning something can be picked up or dragged), and a gauntlet with closed fist (if you are holding and dragging something like a window or carrying an item to its EQ slot.

April 14, 2021 by Bear

The website is now secured with SSL and so is the game connection! Let's Encrypt :)
I am sick of looking at the old Bearplane GUI for the login screen so I am going to replace that next.
Once all the new GUI changes are in place I will continue to populate them with game content. Added Tells and finished up security regarding chat (e.g. flood timer, message length limit). Christian is working on a hate speech filter. Soon to come are stats screen, EQ screen, ability to equip items, and then NPC trades and dialog.

April 13, 2021 by Christian

Major update!

So, it has been QUITE a while! A lot has been happening behind the scenes. There has been quite a lot of
work being done on the engine itself, partially thanks to side projects we have been using to enhance various
aspects and modules of the engine. There has been a major change you may notice... It's now Browser based!

That's right. The game has transitioned to being browser based. In the top right there, you'll see a new play
button. We're working diligently to get the alpha up and running so we can start specific mechanic play testing.

Use the navigation panel over on the left to join our Discord and find out what part you can play in testing
and advancing the world of Odyssey Beta.
July 29, 2020 by Christian

Updated roadmap (still not all of it)

After dealing with some illnesses with the dev team due to the pandemic, we are back in action!
We have gotten some new toys to play around with, so we've taken a new step towards graphic development,
and have progressed with on-screen elements involving Combat.
The current combat release test is live.

April 1, 2020 by Bear

We have linked the websites release notes and news and the launchers!
Previous Logs were lost. A lot of engine stuff, particle effects, and other fancy schmancy stuff.